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Immersed yourself in a journey to the Lost World of Borneo! Maliau Basin offers you the adventure thrills in one of the remaining untouched tropical rainforest wilderness areas in the world. Stay in resort-like research facilities and discover the outstanding beauty and diversity of the rainforest with various perspective from different altitude. Enjoy the panoramic view from the ridge of the basin looking over the untouched lowland ecology, and while trekking into the deep for the majestic cascading Maliau Falls, you may encounter with some new species without realization, of course, accompanied with our experienced nature guide.

Daily Tours

Maliau Basin offers you a tonic of relaxation and discovery, days that fill with rainforest adventure and wildlife exploration, short trekking around the vicinity, and longer walks into the heart of the Conservation Area if fitness allows you.

Best Birding Destination

Get mesmerized by the diversity of birds; astonishingly with 300 species! See the birds that were unseen in other places.


Gear up and hike to the top of the basin ridge to capture the vista view of the pristine tropical rainforests while admiring the beauty that clothes the uninterrupted sequence of forest types, from lowland to montane. All the struggle paid off when you finally reached the radiating streams that converge to form the beautiful Maliau River and the indescribable sight of the magnificent seven-tiered Maliau Falls.

Wildlife Tour

Nights are spent with relieving the day's discoveries while enjoying the sounds of nature's symphony. Hop on the jeep and let the guide show you the best secret of Night Drive in a tropical rainforest.


 Spend a night at the Maliau Basin  Studies Centre and experienced a tranquil night with a jungle sounds.

Maliau Basin Chalet 
Maliau Basin Rest House (Deluxe)
Maliau Basin Rest House (Standard)
Maliau Basin Hostel

Ideal either for a large group of travelers or individual budget-minded traveler, this dormitory-style accommodation is a comfortable accommodation with 2 common toilets cum showers, common kitchen and dining area.

Maliau Basin Camping Ground
Maliau Basin AV Loung

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